About Wool Gypsy

It all started one chilly night in the Blue Mountains...

Wool Gypsy was founded in 2017, but really began 5 years ago in Australia when international storyteller Katherine McLeod began to spin her first yarn.  It was through the initial guidance of retired sheep farmer, Elizabeth, who sold her an Ashford Wheel, that her woolie adventures well and truly commenced.

Since that first moment of pure fibre delight, so much has happened....

After completing beginners and advanced courses, Katherine was coached to create art yarns by renowned Australian spinning maestro Michelle Snowdon.  She then quickly immersed herself into fibre colouring, and then onto felting through an intensive workshop with Dutch artist Marjoleina Dallinga (who operates an atelier in the Laurentian Mountains, Canada – costuming for the infamous Cirque de Soleil).  

The learning is endless....

Since then, Katherine has continued her fibre studies with artists Fiona Duthie (Canada) and Pam de Groot (Australia).  Her initial plunge into both wet and needle felting was through a set design she created for the show My Forest Room at the Esplanade Theatre in 2012.  Craftsman Adam Merten helped to bring this design to fruition.  Katherine's latest woolie passion is free style weaving – where she brings together hand spun yarns and studio dyed roving.  

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Bringing it all together

Wool Gypsy is a natural consolidation of Katherine’s steady dedication to the fibre arts – and a desire to bring others the joys she has experienced through woolie adventures.  

Are you curious to learn something new?

It doesn't matter what the temperature is outside.  Wool Crafting is not a seasonal event, and the world over people are discovering and re-discovering the infinite potential of crafting with fibre.

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