Wool Gypsy Kits

Wool Alchemy

Wool Alchemy is PURE MAGIC!  One of the singularly most satisfying activities ever.  It is also surprsisingly simple.  Order your yarn colouring kit now, and get started!

Needle Felted Hearts

Wonderful Hearts - in all shapes and sizes.  Nutritious and delicious for the soul.  These kits are designed to make needle felting super easy and super fun.

Spindle Kits

Who needs a fidget spinner when you've got a spindle with some wool?  Once you get started, it's hard to stop.  And guess what?  It produces beautiful results, too.

Felted Vessels

Make a beautiful vessel for yourself and fill it with love.  Write a happy thought from each day, and pop it into your felted creation.  Gift it to your best friend.  Options are endless.

Luscious Felting

A divine collection of sumptuous fibres await.  Silks, various wools, and sparkling angelina - artisan dyed and hackled - ready to felt it's way into your life.  Stitch it, hang it, hug it.

Coming Up

November Kits will feature needle felted animals, holiday decorating, and new Luscious Felting Packs.  More great gift ideas coming your way soon. Gift wrapping only $5 extra.

About Our Kits

Useable and Re-Useable

All Wool Gypsy Kits are designed to be Useable and Re-Usable.  We don't want to waste plastic and materials!  So you can always order Re-fills after your initial kit purchase.  This saves the environment, and saves you money $$$

Flat Rate Delivery Free

We charge $10 per kit.  Flat rate fee for all single puchases.  BIG ORDERS - write to us before your purchase, and we will organize different rates.  Free delivery for purchases over $500 SGD.

Singapore Only

WE WANT TO SERVE YOU, SINGAPORE!  Wool Gypsy is committed to expanding the art of wool crafting in Singapore.

New Kits and Colours

Please check back regularly, as we are always updating and providing you with new kits and colours!

Workshop Purchases - 10% Discount

Participants receive a 10% discount on all kits when they purchase at our workshops.

Let Us Know!

PLEASE LET US KNOW what woolie adventures interest you, and we will try our very best to provide them for you here, in Singapore.