Wool Gypsy Workshops

Mother/Daughter Wool Crafting

Saturday Wool Crafting for Mothers and Daughters begins in the new year!  Contact us for location, times, and cost. 

Felted Vessel Workshops

Felted Vessel workshops provide participants with the horn of plenty.  Abundant colours of artisan dyed wools, weekly design techniques and choices.  Book now!

Wool Colouring Workshops

Workshops to colour yarns, silks, and roving!  Add flair to your projects through exploring the alchemy of colour.  Contact us for dates and times.

Spinning Workshops

Ahhhh, the wheel.  To sit and spin is to finally find that place of pure repreive.  After a long days work, on the weekends....there's always time to sit and spin.  

Weaving Workshops

Weave your own pillow cases, table runners, placemats on the Ashford Knitters Loom!  Get started on your weaving journey with us.

Wool Gypsy Parties

Gather together with friends and family and create!  Let us know about your wildest woolie adventure dreams - and we'll work together to create the BEST PARTY EVER!